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Is there a way to call c,C++ code from C# in Andriod using NDK


I am new to this Android platform. I am from C#.NET background. I don’t want to shift my programming language from C# to Java , so have choosen mono Android to write applications in C# for Andriod OS. Is there any library in mono Andriod to call C functions from C# as done with Java and NDK.

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Running existing C Sharp App on Android Emulator

Hi! All,

I am new to Monodroid. I have created one sample c # windows app having a form and couple of buttons using Visual Studio 2008. Now I want to open it in my android emulator. How should I proceed? Your step by step guide would very much help me.I am using MonoDevelop 2.6 ( i dont have visual studio 2010)

I have seen when I create a new c # project using MonoDevelop (android app), all those resource like layout,values drawable get created automatically. But my existing app does not have those. Please suggest how i will open my existing c # app in android.


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How to add plugins

how the Mono for Android Plugin for Visual Studio ?

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ListView with Group Header

Hi All,

I want to create ListView with Group Header. Suppose i have person’s contact list in an array and i want to display it in ListView. First header text will be alphabet “A” and all name starting by A will be listed below it. Again after that alphabet “B” will be the header text and all name starting by B will be listed below it and so on.

Need this output in monodroid(C# coding).

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance.


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How to connect Sqlite Database with Monodroid?

Hello Guys..

Can any one say , how to connect a sqlite database  with  monodroid? When i try to connect it showing some errors like, “No Source available” in the con.Open line.

So i want to know the exact location of the sqlite database file in android mobile [Connection String].

If can please give a new example for the sqlite database connection with correct connection string.  i have referred all the websites.  But i couldn’t get the answer.  So please give a new example.

Thanks in Advance…

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